Feasibility Analysis

As a business owner, developer, or investor, you face uncertainty every day when it comes to planning a business or considering an idea. How can you be sure that your project idea will work, that it will be profitable, that it will be the right size, or that you are investing the right amount? Enter the Feasibility Analysis. ITPS has conducted hundreds of feasibility studies all over the world in our 30+ years of business. Our studies offer you the chance to “get it right” before you commit time, money and business resources.

We base our analysis and findings on our many years of having actually operated theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, and other attendance-driven leisure facilities. We also base our findings on actual operations from similar type projects in similar markets, and on valid industry research and trends. This gives a solid foundation upon which to make projections. In the end, we will let you know if your idea or project is indeed viable and worth pursuing, and you will know what to expect as you take steps forward with more certainty.

What happens when a proper feasibility study is not conducted? Click here to see how ITPS is brought in to assist underperforming or failing projects.

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An ITPS feasibility study is a solid foundation to determine if your idea is viable

All ITPS Feasibility Studies Include:

Market Analysis

We thoroughly review the market in order to properly define the target market. Key demographics of the market are analyzed, both qualitative and quantitative, in order to determine actual supportable market available for your project.

Site Review

Your selected or proposed site is examined by our field team. We look at critical factors for site development, such as accessibility, visibility, marketability. We also consider local operating environment and climate conditions.

Concept Suitability

We carefully take your concept ideas and determine suitability in the marketplace. If needed, we can provide input as to the type of concept which might be a more profitable venture.

Attendance Demand

Based on the defined supportable market, and after considering the market, the site, and the market, we provide attendance projections for the first five operating years.

Cash Flow Analysis

Based on the defined supportable market, and after considering the market, the site, and the area competition, we provide attendance projections for the first five operating years.

Investment Level

Ultimately, our study will tell you how much you should spend in order to assure suitable return.

the most critical step for your project assessment

Practitioners…….not Theorists

Our feasibility studies are grounded on actual operating experience and our commitment to conduct required on-site due diligence.

We see the site, we tour the market, we visit local facilities, and we gather local price comparisons.

Why? Because we believe it is important to “see and feel” what we are studying.

ITPS has conducted Feasibility Studies in:

Dominican Republic
South Korea
United States
and more!

ITPS PROVIDES solid market research, industry data, and actual EXPERIENCE as it conducts a feasibility analysis.

Critical Areas Addressed

Leisure industry trends.
Comparable & competitive facilities.
Site characteristics.
Market demographics.
Concept review.
Attendance estimates.
Revenues and expenses.
Cash flow analysis.
Investment level and return.
Physical planning parameters


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