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International Theme Park Services, Inc. (“ITPS”) has been a leader in the theme park and amusement industry since 1983. We provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience to leisure and attendance-driven facilities. We have worked on over 500 projects in over 55+ countries, and have a highly knowledgeable, creative, and cooperative team with over 250 years of experience combined.

Our company offers the critical steps needed to develop a project, including feasibility analysis, concept design, masterplanning, schematic design, design development, pre-opening operations planning, ride selection and procurement, and on-going management. We are leisure development consultants.  

Our Clients Include

ITPS has worked with some of the top operators in the world.

Aquarium of the Bay
Bank of America
Cincinnati Zoo
Coney Island
Fort Worth Zoo
Blue Bunny
Hopi Hari
Parc Asterix
Lotte World
MGM Grand
Newport Aquarium
Paramount Parks
Parques Reunidos
Reino Aventura
Ripley Entertainment
Royal Caribbean
Sun Group
Sun Trust
Warner Bros. World
Wildlife Conservation Society
Enchanted Kingdom

Dennis Speigel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ITPS, is a past president of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions ("IAAPA") and has recently been inducted as the newest member of the IAAPA Hall of Fame 2022.  He is called upon by people throughout the industry to advise and recommend on projects of all sizes and natures.

Our Services

As a full service organization, ITPS is qualified to provide complete consultation and management services in the areas of: Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Resorts, Waterparks, Specialty Attractions, Family Entertainment Centers, Malls, Aquariums, Zoos, and other leisure oriented facilities.  Our core services include Feasibility Analysis, Design / Masterplan, Operations Planning, and Management.  

ITPS follows the 12 Steps of Leisure Develpment as a guide to developing new projects.

Read more about the 12 Steps of Leisure Development.

ITPS can assist new and existing projects.

For existing facilities, ITPS can assist in breathing new life into your facility, develop new attractions, increase revenue, decrease costs, train staff, develop employee manuals, conduct business valuations and so much more!

For new facilities, we can assist from the initial Feasibility Analysis, Design, Ride Procurement, Pre-Opening Operations Planning and Management and more.

ITPS works with not just theme parks and amusement parks, but also aquariums, zoos, family entertainment centers (FEC), location based entertainment centers (LBE), waterparks, investment banks, hedge funds, and more.

ITPS has a proven track record in the leisure industry. When assisting new clients in the design and development of new facilities, there are twelve (12) steps that are generally followed throughout the entire process.

Read more about ITPS' Services

Meet Our Team

Dennis SpeigelRead more about Dennis

Dennis L. Speigel

Founder / CEO

40 Years at ITPS
Over 50 Years Industry Experience
First Theme Park Job: Admissions Attendant
at Coney Island Cincinnati

Pam WestermanRead more about Pam

Pamela Westerman

President and Chief Operating Officer

34 Years with ITPS
44 Years Industry Experience
First Theme Park Job: Ride Operator
at Magic Springs in Arkansas

Shawn HaasRead more about Shawn

Shawn Haas

Vice President - Retail, Operations and Information Technology

28 Years with ITPS
34 Years Industry Experience
First Theme Park Job: Game Attendant
at Kings Island in Ohio

Vic NoltingRead more about Vic

Vic Nolting

Senior Associate

Over 40 Years Industry Experience
First Theme Park Job: Group Sales at Kings Island in Ohio

Lisa PuckettRead more about Lisa

Lisa Puckett

Operations Specialist

Over 20 Years Industry Experience
First Theme Park Job: Ride Operator at Kings Island in Ohio

Brent DrinnenRead more about Brent

Brent Drinnen

Operations Specialist

Over 15 Years Industry Experience
First Theme Park Job: Waterpark Ticket Seller

ITPS Featured Projects

Dragon Park
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
placeholder image

Sun Group, a property developer based in Da Nang City, Vietnam, developed a multi-faceted tourism and themed leisure complex in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Sun Group contracted ITPS to provide theme park design concept planning, masterplanning, and schematic design services.

Parques Reunidos
placeholder image

Established in Europe, Parques Reunidos expanded its presence in US amusement parks beginning in 2007 and continuing through today. ITPS has been the prime consultant for Parques Reunidos and has been responsible for the acquiring of more than 40 leisure properties. These transactions have resulted in approximately $700 million USD of capital transactions.

Hershey, Pennsylvania
placeholder image

ITPS was retained by Hersheypark to conduct ride operations audits for a period of 3 years. Services provided by ITPS included three (3) in-depth audits over the course of the operating season, each of which require observation of the 70+ rides and attractions currently operating at Hersheypark.

Hopi Hari
Sao Paulo, Brazil
placeholder image

The owners and operators of Playcenter contracted ITPS to conduct a feasibility analysis with regard to moving portions of the existing Playcenter to a new location outside the city. ITPS provided all design and master planning services for Hopi Hari.

Enchanted Kingdom
Mainila, Philippines
placeholder image

The Enchanted Kingdom was the first true theme park to be developed in Manila, Philippines. Amtrust Holdings, Inc., developers of the project, retained ITPS to provide all pre-opening operations planning and ongoing management.

Lotte World
Seoul, Korea
placeholder image

ITPS became involved with Lotte World from the very beginning working closely with the Lotte team (Chairman Kyuk-Ho Shin) through the concept/design, construction, pre-opening and daily operations and management of the project. 

Doha Mixed-Use Project
Doha, Qatar 

placeholder image

ITPS provided overall design services for an indoor theme park.  ITPS provided concept design and masterplan, schematic design, design development, and rides and attractions selection and procurement assistance (including the negotiation of pricing and coordination of all ride manufacturer purchase contracts and shipping schedules).

Newport Aquarium
Newport, Kentucky
placeholder image

The developers of the Newport Aquarium selected ITPS to perform all pre-opening operations planning, manual development, and training for the new aquarium, which opened May 15, 1999. ITPS also provided operations management during the opening of the aquarium.

How Can ITPS Assist?

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12 Steps

When assisting new clients in the design and development of new facilities, there are twelve (12) steps that we generally follow throughout the entire process. As always, a feasibility analysis will serve to outline and guide the entire process.

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The Feasibility

No matter the reason you may be considering venturing into the theme park and amusement industry, it is important for you to understand one single and vitally important necessity. And that necessity is a solid and detailed feasibility analysis.

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Why Projects Fail

While a lot of theme parks are successful, at least for a while, others that are built are suddenly gone within just a year or two. Why is it some fail and what is the single biggest reason that parks fail?

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6 Considerations

Thinking of developing a theme park or leisure attraction, but need to decide where to develop?

There are 6 key critical considerations when deciding where to build a leisure attraction.

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5 Intensities

Whether you are in management, sales, marketing, or maintenance, or whether you are a supplier, developer, or operator, you will face these intensities – and unexpected ones like Covid-19, on an ongoing basis. 

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Due Diligence

This analysis can can take many forms, such as an in-depth business audit, a property valuation, a capital expansion plan recommendation, or a turnaround strategy.

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