Location, Location, Location!

Thinking of developing a theme park or leisure attraction, but need to decide where to develop?

What are the most important considerations when deciding where to locate a theme park, aquarium, family entertainment center or other leisure attraction? What examples of parks that have been successful in selecting a site or failed because of their site?

Many theme park developers acquire land without doing the due diligence required. They may have gotten a great price on the land, but that doesn’t mean the location will be good for any type of development – namely building a theme park or leisure attraction. One of the most important things ITPS does when a feasibility study is completed is to conduct a site analysis and look at the important criteria that might impact the attraction’s operation. It is hard to limit these important considerations to just a few; however, here are 6 key critical considerations to address when deciding where to locate your theme park or leisure attraction.


1. Demand Generators

The location should be close to other demand generators. In other words, make sure there are other businesses and activities nearby that help to bring people to the area already.

2. Accessibility

The location must be accessible. If people have to twist and turn, and go out of their way to find you, they are less likely to make the effort.

3. Topography

The location should offer good topography. The land should be mainly flat with perhaps some gently rolling hills or else designing and building a theme park could become very challenging.

4. Utilities

The location must offer adequate utilities. Infrastructure must be in place or else be available, or costs to develop could skyrocket.

5. Visibility

The location should be visible. While you do not have to be “on the 50-yard line”, you do want to be located where passersby can see your park and be enticed to visit.

6. Competition

The location should be a proper distance from existing parks or existing competition. The last thing you want to do is try to compete head-on with another similar attraction.

Selecting the proper site is extremely important to the success of the project. When undertaking the planning of a theme park, aquarium, family entertainment center or other leisure attraction, the first and most important step is to hire a company who can properly produce a feasibility study and who has familiarity with the industry. A site analysis is a key component of any feasibility study.

This is one of the hallmark services that ITPS provides. ITPS can also give a second opinion on a completed analysis to ensure the project is viable. Contact us for any questions or more information.

All of the above takes very careful and detailed study. Here are a few examples of successes or failures where ITPS was called in and where site selection played a pivotal role.

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