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ITPS works with facilities of all sizes and scopes. The information on each briefly describes the various projects that International Theme Park Services, Inc. ("ITPS") has been or is currently involved. Each section provides a short project synopsis, as well as the services provided by ITPS. ITPS has consulted on over 500 projects in over 55+ countries and has experience to assist all projects. The following descriptions (and list) are not all inclusive but rather provide an overall review.

Below are some of the amusement / theme park projects we have worked on.

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Amusement / Theme Park Projects


Dragon Park
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Client: Sun Group

Sun Group, a property developer based in Da Nang City, Vietnam, developed a multi-faceted tourism and themed leisure complex in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.  Dragon Park is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. It opened on January 25, 2017. The amusement park is part of a large resort complex known as Sun World Halong Complex that includes an aerial tramway called the Queen Cable Car, Sun Wheel — a large observation wheel, as well as gardens, restaurants, a shopping district and a family entertainment center with arcade games. The Typhoon water park opened in April 2017. 

Services Provided:

Concept Planning
Schematic Design


Hopi Hari Theme Park
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Client: Playcenter

The owners and operators of Playcenter contracted ITPS to conduct a feasibility analysis with regard to moving portions of the existing Playcenter to a new location outside the city. ITPS provided all design and masterplanning services for Hopi Hari. In addition, ITPS provided all design and masterplanning services for the $220 million USD facility, including concept design, site planning, land usage and design development.

Services Provided:

Site Selection
Feasibility Analysis
Concept Design
Schematic Design
Project Management
Pre-Opening Operations Planning
On-Site Management

ITPS directed the selection process for all of the attractions to be placed in the new project, including ride procurement, installation and commissioning.


Enchanted Kingdom
Manila, Philippines
Client: Amtrust Holdings

The Enchanted Kingdom was the first true theme park to be developed in Manila, Philippines. Amtrust Holdings, Inc., developers of the project, retained ITPS to provide all pre-opening operations planning and ongoing management.

Services Provided:

Design Review
Pre-Opening Operations Planning
Operational / Maintenance / Safety Audits


Lotte World Theme Park
Seoul, South Korea

ITPS became involved with Lotte World from the very beginning working closely with the Lotte team (Chairman Kyuk-Ho Shin) through the concept/design, construction, pre-opening and daily operations and management of the project. ITPS was named the Operational Planner for the project as well as providing on-site ITPS personnel to train and oversee the day-to-day operations.

Also, two Flexible Modular Training Programs( were conducted by ITPS at a major US theme park to train Lotte World's key management staff in all areas of theme park operations and management.

Services Provided:

Feasibility Analysis
Concept / Design Review
Pre-Opening Operations Planning
Management Training
On-Site Management


Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

ITPS was retained by Hersheypark to conduct ride operations audits. Services provided by ITPS include three (3) in-depth audits over the course of the operating season, each of which require observation of the 70+ rides and attractions currently operating at Hersheypark.

Services Provided:

Ride Operations Audits


Hard Rock Park
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Client: HRP Trustees (Investors)

Due to its underperformance in its initial season, ITPS was retained to provide a Due Diligence, Business/Operations Review and Strategic Recommendations Report for Hard Rock Park (“HRP”) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The purpose of the Hard Rock Park Business Operations Review was to provide an assessment of the general operational approach taken by developers and operators of Hard Rock Park for the 2008 (initial) season. The strengths and weaknesses of the initial plan, as outlined in the original feasibility study (not conducted by ITPS), the market and site selection, and the overall operation of the park from marketing to expenses, were addressed.

ITPS also conducted a feasibility analysis for the park to show that the original feasibility study was not valid.  

Services Provided:

Due Diligence
Business Operations Review
Feasibility Analysis


Beijing Amusement Park
Beijing, China

ITPS was contracted by Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. (the major park investor) to consult with Price Waterhouse/Hong Kong/Beijing in order to provide short-range analyses and recommendations to halt the erosion of profits. ITPS provided a short-term plan that addressed the overall operational and financial goals of the park. ITPS also conducted an on-site analysis, which lead to the development of an operational action plan addressing improved efficiency, guest satisfaction and park performance. To help the park meet its goals, ITPS put into place an experienced General Manager for eight years to ensure that the operational action plan achieved the greatest possible results.

Services Provided:

Long-Range Analyses
Design Review and Product Selection / Procurement
Operational Action Plan
On-Site Management


Doha Mixed-Use Project
Doha, Qatar

ITPS was retained by the Doha Oasis Mall project developer to provide overall design services for an indoor theme park. The indoor theme park is planned to be a major anchor of the Doha Oasis Mall (also under development). The theme park will encompass approximately 30,000 square meters, offer more than 25 rides and attractions, retail shops, and dining options. ITPS provided concept design and master plan, schematic design, design development, and rides and attractions selection and procurement assistance (including the negotiation of pricing and coordination of all ride manufacturer purchase contracts and shipping schedules).

Services Provided:

Concept Design / Master Plan
Schematic Design
Design Development
Rides and Attractions Selection / Procurement
Pre-Opening Startup

1200px Haw_Par_Villa_48,_Nov_06.jpeg

Haw Par Villa

ITPS was asked to assist in the revitalization and expansion of Haw Par Villa, recommending and consulting in the areas of new attractions, both in the existing complex and development of the shoreline wharf area. Also, ITPS conducted its Flexible Modular Training Program ("FMTP") for key management staff at a major US theme park, educating them in all facets of theme park operations from behind-the-scenes administration to actual hands-on experience. Assistance, recommendations and direction from ITPS to Haw Par Villa included, but was not limited to, general park operations, safety and security, general services, financial pro formas/staffing levels, food and beverage, merchandise and games, entertainment, sponsorship, attendance projections and capital requirements.

Services Provided:

Flexible Modular Training Program (FMTP)
General Park Operations
Operations Planning
Financial Plans
Business Audit
Design Review


Paramount Studios - USA

Services Provided:

Due Diligence Assessment for Acquisition - Paramount Parks


Parques Reunidos
Madrid, Spain

Parques Reunidos is a major theme park operator, with over 72 attractions in almost a dozen countries. Annual attendance at its properties exceeds 27 million annually, with reported annual revenues of over $570 million USD. Established in Europe, Parques Reunidos expanded its presence in US amusement parks beginning in 2007 and continuing through today. ITPS has been the prime consultant for Parques Reunidos and has been responsible for the acquiring of more than 40 leisure properties. These transactions have resulted in approximately $700 million USD of capital transactions.

Services Provided:

Acquisitions - ITPS Was Responsible for Over $800 Million USD transactions


Time Warner / Six Flags - USA

Warner Communications, Inc. contracted ITPS to perform a "Due Diligence Assessment" of the Six Flags Corporation. This assessment included in-depth and on-site reviews of the assets and operations of each of the Six Flags’ parks. To be included were: Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, California), AstroWorld (Houston, Texas), Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, Texas), Six Flags Over Mid-America (Eureka, Missouri), Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, Illinois), Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Animal Safari (Jackson, New Jersey) and Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta, Georgia).

Services Provided:

Due Diligence Assessment - For Time Warner Acquisition


La Feria Chapultepec Magico
Mexico City, Mexico

ITPS was contracted to advise and consult on issues relating to marketing, operations, maintenance, safety, security, retail, financial and long-range planning including design related expansion. Conducting periodic operational, maintenance and safety audits, ITPS provides continuous feedback to park management about existing conditions at the facility.

Services Provided:

Advise and consult on issues relating to marketing, operations, maintenance, safety, security, retail, financial and long-range planning including design related expansion
Operational, maintenance and safety audits


Coney Island
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

ITPS was contracted to examine Coney Island's current attraction mix in terms of appropriateness, balance, general appeal, and adherence to leisure industry trends as a foundation for future growth.

Services Provided:

Attractions and Product Mix Review
Operating Characteristics Review
Redevelopment Plan


Steel Pier
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

ITPS conducted a feasibility analysis to determine the economic viability of the planned Steel Pier expansion.

Services Provided:

Feasibility Analysis


Lake Compounce
Bristol, Connecticut, USA
Client: Kennywood Inc.

ITPS was retained by Kennywood, Inc. to develop a comprehensive design and masterplan for Lake Compounce (America’s oldest amusement park), to transform the park into a regional theme park with an historic theme. Incorporating Early American theming, a large water ride and a total of 27 other new rides/attractions were designed for implementation during the three phases of redevelopment.

Services Provided:

Design and Masterplan


New Orleans, Louisana, USA
Client: SouthTrust Bank, Birmingham, Alabama

ITPS was retained by SouthTrust Bank of Birmingham, Alabama to conduct a valuation of the existing Jazzland Theme Park (New Orleans, Louisiana) operation. The purpose of this assignment was to provide an independent valuation of Jazzland, based on the following approaches: fair market value based on capitalized financial performance; and, fair market value and liquidation value based on equipment and property assets, both real and personal property. In preparing this valuation, ITPS conducted an on-site inspection and review of the Jazzland Theme Park property and operation in 2002.

Services Provided:

Property Valuation

VisionLand 1-main-578x325.jpeg

Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Client: SunTrust Bank, Tampa, Florida

ITPS was retained by SunTrust Bank (as Trustee for the West Jefferson Amusement and Public Park Authority), to conduct a Business/Operations Review of the VisionLand operation in Bessemer, Alabama. The purpose of this review was to provide an examination of the overall business and operations at VisionLand, leading to any necessary recommended program changes that could potentially improve efficiency, productivity, service, and profitability.

ITPS also conducted a property valuation of VisionLand. The purpose of this valuation was to provide an independent assessment of the value of VisionLand, based on the following approaches: fair market value based on capitalized financial performance, and, fair market value, replacement value, and liquidation value based on equipment and property assets, both real and personal property. ITPS was also retained as sales agent to offer VisionLand for sale.

Services Provided:

Business / Operations Review
Property Valuation
Property Sales Agent


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