Lisa Puckett
Manager - Operations

Mrs. Puckett has over twenty (20) years of experience in the theme park and leisure industry. Her primary focus has been in ride and attraction operations, training programs, management and planning and development of new and existing parks.

Mrs. Puckett started her career as a Ride Operator at Paramount’s Kings Island (Cincinnati, Ohio) in 1999. She continued in the Ride Operations department through 2007 working as an On-Ride Supervisor and later as a Head Area Supervisor. As an Area Supervisor, Mrs. Puckett was responsible for overseeing all aspects of ride operations in a specific area of the park including training, development and promotion of associates and supervisors, staffing and scheduling, safe and efficient ride operation, new associate interviews and hiring, management of ride downtime and park guests in need of assistance.

Mrs. Puckett worked for Paramount’s Kings Island when the Paramount Parks were sold to Cedar Fair, and she was a part of the management team that helped smoothly transition the changes in operation that occurred.

Mrs. Puckett is a graduate of Ohio University (Athens, Ohio) with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and a certificate in Environmental Studies. Mrs. Puckett completed an Animal Husbandry internship at the Newport Aquarium (Newport, Kentucky) during her university studies where she gained valuable knowledge in aquarium operation. Mrs. Puckett was responsible for the daily care of a variety of marine life both on and off public display.

After graduation in 2004, Mrs. Puckettcontinued to work at Paramount’s Kings Island but took time off to complete a five (5) month Animal Training internship at the Miami Seaquarium (Miami, Florida). She continued to increase her knowledge of aquarium operation and animal husbandry through the daily care of marine mammals such as Bottlenose Dolphins, Pacific Harbor Seals, California Sea Lions, Pacific White Dided Dolphins, and a Killer Whale. Her other responsibilities included public presentations and show preparation, guest service, and animal training.

Mrs. Puckett became a part of the Hard Rock Park (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) opening team in 2008. As an Attractions Area Supervisor, she was a part of the pre-opening planning for rides and shows. Mrs. Puckett was involved in the development and implementation of the attractions operational procedures and training program. She created and reviewed manuals and training certification for rides, shows, general operating procedures and management as well as interviewed, hired and trained the opening staff. Mrs. Puckett maintained these programs throughout the year in addition to her day to day Area Supervisor park duties.

Mrs. Puckett returned to the park in 2009 when it reopened as Freestyle Music Park. Mrs. Puckett helped transition the Operations department through the change in park ownership and management. Freestyle Music Park expanded the children’s area in 2009 adding several new rides and attractions that Mrs. Puckett developed manuals, certifications and operational and training procedures for. Mrs. Puckett trained all levels of the Attractions staff from Attractions Operators to Area Supervisors and maintained the training program throughout the year.

Mrs. Puckett additional assists with the compliation of the ITPS Leisure News and company research.

As Manager of Operations for ITPS, Mrs. Puckett oversees the development of operational programs and procedures for clients. Mrs. Puckett is responsible for developing operations programs, manuals, on-site training programs and assisting with research for feasibility and other business analysis.


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