Pre-Opening Operations Planning

ITPS will provide all pre-opening operations planning services necessary to ensure a safe and efficient operation. First developing a critical path leading to opening day, ITPS will develop all systems, procedures, policies, and programs in the most timely fashion and in conjunction with the project’s timetable. This work is undertaken simultaneously with the project’s final design and with project construction. We work alongside your local teams, the attraction vendors, and the construction team.

Included in our pre-opening operations planning services are all requirements for your project to operate successfully. We address all aspects of operation, including job descriptions, organizational charts, operating manuals, orientation programs, food and merchandise pricing and programming, marketing plans, hands-on training, safety programs, and much more. We stay with you through opening day, preparing your team to continue operating with a full knowledge of daily operations.


Connecting your project to the resources you need for YOUR operation

ITPS Pre-Opening Operations Planning Includes:

Design Input

ITPS will work hand-in-hand with your team - designers, architects, and local planners - to provide feedback and suggestions relating to product selection, placement, traffic flow, circulation, support areas, safety aspects, capacity requirements, and other design issues. This helps to ensure that all physical planning criteria are based on solid guidelines so that your project is properly sized.

Ride Selection and Procurement

ITPS will provide assistance and oversight of final rides and attractions selections based on capacity requirements, target market, and rider experience. Recommendations will also be based on ride safety and vendor reputation. We will assist you in developing bid packagesand will also assist in negotiating pricing and other purchase agreement terms.

Manuals and Training

As systems and procedures are being developed, and by liaising with ride vendors, ITPS will develop detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your project and its many operating locations. These manuals are prepared so that the line personnel gain a working knowledge of operations, paperwork, and procedures. These form the basis for the ITPS-developed Orientation and Training Programs, which we execute on site.

Program Development

Working with you and your team, ITPS will develop overall strategies that will form the basis for developing specific programs, policies, and procedures. Programs will be developed for all primary departments so that your project will effectively and safely operate.

All the solutions for your operating needs.

Operational Areas Addressed

Human Resources
Finanace and Cash Control
Maintenance and Safety
Park Services
Attraction Operations
Food and Merchandise
Admissions and Ticketing
Marketing Plans and Programs
Entertainment and Characters
Games and Arcades

Services Provided to Clients in:

South Korea
United States
and more!

ITPS - “In the Trenches"

The ITPS staff offers unparalled experience in actual park operations.

For over 39 years, we have been “in the trenches” many times over. We understand what it takes to work alongside all project team members, to adapt to local cultures, and to implement top-notch training methods.


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